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About the Company & Product

Wash jeans with care. There are a few things you can do to minimize colour loss in the wash. The first, and most essential, is to choose a detergent designed for use on coloured clothes – some brands of detergent include whiteners and brighteners that gradually fade bright and dark colours. Using a specially designed washing detergent, such as Persil Colour Care capsules, liquid, or powder, helps keep your clothes vibrant – making the cleaning process as safe as possible for coloured jeans while remaining fuss-free Dr. Denim Colour Care will help to protect your colours and rejuvenate them, too.

Wash inside out. You’d be surprised how much difference this can make! Turn your jeans, jackets, and skirts inside out and do up and buttons or zips to keep them from catching on other clothes.

Soon to be Launch with 5 Sizes