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About the Company & Product

Dr. denim is the word’s renowned brand which is known for its collection of denims and also for its quality in the number of countries. Initially, Dr denim wanted to come to India with the strategy of launching its fashion collection there but after an intensive research and keen observation of the market in India, Dr. Denim and team founded that all varieties of denim brands are available in Indian market and came to know that India is the biggest importer of denims in the World but there is no any special product formulated to wash denim and this is the reason why people buy denim frequently that led to the hike in the import of jeans due to more consumption of it.

Taking into consideration the facts of our research, the company has decided to launch a healthy product especially for taking care of denims.Then only the company will think to launch its fashion collection.

Keeping in mind the climate of india, the team of Dr. Denim after so much research has developed an innovative formulation to keep the denims brand new and healthy which we named “Zeansa Wash Gel”.

Zeansa Wash Gel is the india’s first launched denim detergent gel which uses the formula of “denim softener with fiber binding and colour maintenance”. In addition to this, we have also tried to make it easily understood for the customers to 'how to use' by sending a message Zeansa Wash to 57575 and in reply the company will send you a link of a video through which you can watch various methods to wash your denims.Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.This product being unique is the symbol of the advanced thought process which supports the acid attack victims in India for there livelihood and to help them to grow in every sectors of life. For continuation of this cooperation, company’s Board Of Directors has mutually decided to honor Miss Anmol Rodriguez of Maharashtra with the title of Victim Custodian & Publicist which is a great effort in the development of acid attack victims all over India.We hope that we grow day by day and achieve success in all over India through which we can help and support the masses.

Soon to be Launch with 5 Sizes

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